In a world when it’s increasingly difficult to reach your customers through the jungle of new digital media, let HOT FROG blaze a trail for you.

Hot Frog Creative is a New Media/Marketing agency based in Los Angeles, with affiliates in London, other parts of Europe and South America. We are passionate about new technology and new media, and specialize in working with companies from a wide variety of industries, to develop, create, build and implement digital marketing campaigns.

We have a proven track record of being able to reach the notoriously difficult 16-35 year old demographic using any combination of sites, games, viral, AV, mobile apps, widgets, paid media (ads), branding/re-branding, print and much more! Visit the pond: www.hotfrogcreative.com

Specialties:Viral Outreach | Interactive Advertising | Websites | Online Games | Branding | Social Media | Print